‘Almost like traveling there:’ Kpoppin USA offers unique experience with Korean and Japanese items


ORLANDO, Florida – K-pop albums, key chains, pillows, sweatshirts, animation merchandise, and monitors showing video clips are just a few of the ways this Orlando store welcomes its customers.

If anyone is thinking of K-pop, they’ll probably name BTS or Blackpink. While Kpoppin USA caters to these fans, it also provides a unique experience for those who are good in the K-pop world, and the store has recently added anime fans into the mix.

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According to an employee, the store opened in 2016, with its most recent expansion in 2019, opening the store to more animated merchandise for fans.

“Once he saw that since the demand is high for something that isn’t really there at all, he decided that why not expand a bit and that it might as well look like the kind of improved Japanese store instead of just being just the K-pop thing, ”said Sebastian Labrador, 18, an employee at Kpoppin USA, of the owner’s decision to expand the store.

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Labrador said he started working at the store because of his sister, who started visiting him when she started to get into K-pop.

“When I started getting into it, it was kind of seeing it through her. I saw that she was so interested in it and there were all these things that I had never heard of or something like that, ”he said. “My experience with this kind of stuff was generally more like Saturday morning cartoon stuff.”

Like many children, Labrador said he grew up on “Yu-Gi-Oh!” and “Dragon Ball”, two Japanese animated series. He said that Kpoppin USA had rekindled this interest from a young age.

Kpoppin USA in Orlando. (2021 by WKMG ClickOrlando – All rights reserved.)

“Seeing some of the stuff that’s really authentic Japanese stuff and isn’t even made for America, but we got it, it’s almost like traveling there one way for that sort of thing,” he said. he declared. “It’s a very unique experience and I mean you can tell anyone who comes here that they are super overwhelmed. There is so much that they have never seen before.

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In addition to anime figures for sale, the store has various items for K-pop or anime fans, such as key chains, lanyards, posters, t-shirts and more.

Kpoppin USA in Orlando (2021 by WKMG ClickOrlando – All rights reserved.)

Among the typical items that you will find in other anime or K-pop stores, Kpoppin USA prides itself on offering not only “popular products”. Labrador said the store has an album by South Korean-Chinese K-pop group EXO available in two versions.

“We have the Korean version which looks basically like the popular one, but there is also the Chinese version, which is maybe a little more niche, but it’s still the option for people who really want to have the real one. thing there, ”he said.

The store is located on South John Young Parkway and is open every day of the week. With plenty to explore and check out, visitors will be able to peruse their K-pop, anime, and other items available in stock.

To view their inventory or see what they have to offer, click here.

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