Batman’s Gotham Now Has Japan’s First Real-World Sister City

When you think of Gotham, Batmanwe think of New York and Chicago, the real-world cities that inspired the dark, fictional city, so it’s a surprise when Fukuyamaa city in Hiroshima prefecture in Japan, is crowned Gotham’s sister city.

Fukuyama is the first city in the world and also the first city in the history of the Batman series to have a sister relationship with Gotham.

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Why Fukuyama? First, there’s the city’s emblem, first created in 1917, which is designed to resemble both a mountain and a bat. Also, Fukuyama Castle, which was built in 1622, was located on a hill called Komoriyama, which means “Bat Mountain”.

Batman Fukuyama

The sister relationship with Gotham is established as a way to celebrate both the castle’s 400th anniversary, as well as the upcoming release of Matt Reeves. The Batmanwhich will hit theaters on March 3, 2022. The relationship was made official on February 21 at a special signing ceremony held with Warner Bros. Japan and Fukuyama City Hall.

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Various souvenirs and activities based on this crossover have been revealed, making Fukuyama, Japan a city that will be on the wish list of many Batman fans. What a way to build excitement for the new movie!

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