Bridgeport non-profit hosts free summer camp for young musicians


KEYS Music, a local non-profit organization, brings together young musicians to learn and play music at their summer camp.

The camp takes place at the United Congregational Church.

KEYS Principal Rob Silvan says children’s need for music goes beyond what public schools can support.

“Not just for what he can do academically, but also for what he can help with healing,” says Silvan.

Camp organizers say music gives children the tools not only to express themselves, but also to connect with each other.

“All of these people need to be able to listen and play together. It creates a strong bond, at the same time as it creates joy,” says Silvan.

Camp instruments range from piano and violin to Home Depot buckets.

“We’re actually learning different types of percussion. Afro-American percussions, Brazilian percussions, Japanese percussions ”, explains a student.

Another student says music is “like a language, but it’s not very difficult to learn”.

KEYS students learned virtually during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“It’s kinda hard to learn your fingerings and stuff and make sure your wrist isn’t that bent and stuff, because it’s not like in person,” says a young musician.

Organizers believe face-to-face learning is where the magic happens.

“You make that wonderful sound and you are part of a chord, you are part of a continuous piece of music. That’s when it really starts to happen, ”says a KEYS music organizer.

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