Char Aznable gets his own Gundam burgers at McDonald’s Japan

The ads McDonald’s Japan has rolled out are no stranger to big star power, and the company’s new poster boy seeks to continue that trend. Mobile Suit Gundamby Char Aznable is the latest celebrity spokesperson to take over, as he introduces several themed additions to the menu.

The first is the Char Custom Kara Dabuchi, a double cheeseburger topped with jalapeno slices that is making a comeback after its debut last year. True to his dramatic side, the antagonist gives the following description in the promo video above: “Pulling the spiciness to its limit – it’s my policy.”

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Accompanied by that is the Char Custom Red Garlic Teriyaki, an all-new revised burger with smoky bacon, garlic soy sauce mayonnaise, and red buns in homage to Char’s moniker from the Red Comet. Continuing his flair for acting, he says in another separate video, “This is my custom teriyaki! This impact is because of the garlic. Ah, good old Char.

The character is not the only one to have a color image, however. Amuro, his rival and original series protagonist, is often associated with white, which takes the form of the white cheddar cheese in the Newtype White Torichi Triple Cheeseburger.

Also joining the list is the Char Custom Dabuchi Sausage Muffin, which is basically a breakfast version of the Kara Dabuchi. The exclusive morning item contains the same ingredients, so only buy it if you want the spice to kick in before or even during work or school hours.

All of these themed burgers will come in wrappers adorned with the following Char Custom mobile suit designs: Custom Zaku (Kara Dabuchi), Custom Gelgoog (Red Garlic Teriyaki), Zeong (Newtype White Torichi), and Z’Gok (Sausage Muffin) Dabuchi).

As a finish to the meal, Red Energy Flavor McFizz and McFloat are available as soft drinks made with honey, guarana berries and topped with vanilla ice cream. The set will come to McDonald’s Japan on June 22with prices ranging from 320 to 440 yen (S$3.30 to S$4.55) for burgers, and 250 to 310 yen (S$2.60 to SS$3.20) for drinks.

It’s likely the menu won’t be heading anywhere outside of Japan, but it’s good to know there’s one anyway.

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