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NEW YORK, June 01, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – The Hitmaker Global Academy of Contemporary Music has decided to jointly develop education programs with the global music education platform Opentrack, owned by CLESSON Co., Ltd. This alliance will allow students from all over the world to be able to access the courses of the Hitmaker X Opentrack faculty

Based in Singapore, the Hitmaker team have produced numerous musicians and students and recently won the Singapore Prestige Class Award in 2021/2022. As this is an academy that maintains a holistic educational approach to intensive hands-on education, the team with Opentrack will open a new chapter in music education.

As Jeff Miyahara, 2010 Hitmaker of the Year in Japan, CCO of Hitmaker shares, “A huge benefit is that this will allow students to be equipped with a myriad of course programs such as creative problem solving, musicality and technical production. “In addition to the amazing Hitmaker lessons, Opentrack also offers music training with the highest level of musicians from around the world.

Opentrack also organizes university courses through partnerships with other major universities. Soon, students will be able to extend their learning on our platform through additional fields of study such as film music, EDM, and music production, as well as other classes from reputable schools across the United States. , UK and Australia.

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