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PHILADELPHIA CREAM, March 3, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Exhibitor Agency (www.exponentagency.com) has revealed details of the upcoming premiere of a new 8-bit indie video developed by Tethra64 and Coolaidhippy as well as an electronic foray into the augmented and virtual reality space, featuring a fully interactive live concert for April 17 in philadelphia cream at The Foundry. Orchestrated by tech wizards DJs, Tethra64 (Teth) and Coolaidhippy (Cooly), METAVERSE will entertain, engage and enlighten, while serving as the stage to unveil the creative duo’s first indie video game they have developed and designed,” X2: The Next Power.” METAVERSE offers a wizarding spectacle of sound, light and pure tonal imagination – evoking a new landscape of hope and wonder amid the dangerous streets of this American city.

Although the METAVERSE concert is the official debut of their video game, Teth and Cooly are no strangers to the Philadelphia music scene:

“I grew up in North Philadelphia and my early influences involve a love of Japanese gaming and anime,” Cooly said. “Resident Evil, Soul Caliber, Bushido Blade and Final Fantasy are some of my inspirations. And watching, I admired how they valued friendships and love. Their determination and purpose really inspired me as the type of person I wanted.” to be. Musically, those early soundtracks and the YouTube dive were my first introduction to mixing and musicology. It has evolved over the years into experimental rap – conscious rap – freestyle at dance parties, mixing and evolution. A DIY music artist lifestyle with a lot of ambition. This eventually turned into real bookings and real revenue, and I hosted music events in garages, warehouses, libraries, art galleries, homes, and small clubs in different parts of Philadelphia.

Teth added, “Being of Wilmington, it’s much harder to win any kind of sequel in a smaller town with fewer opportunities. Despite the hand that was dealt to me, I was still able to make a lot of noise in my own city, as of 2015, and that’s how I ended up partnering with Cooly and R1. Since then, we have just been pioneers. Especially when I created Blast Music. That’s when we knew we had a unique sound that we could push as a band. We really started from any makeshift house or place around Philadelphia that we could find, and ended up doing raves with over 2000 people. It’s such a great feeling, to start small and now be able to host our first official event with Metaverse.”

Exponent Presents: “METAVERSE” with Tethra64 and Coolaidhippy @ The Foundry

METAVERSE is a virtual reality musical event where users can interact with a whole other digital world. It’s completely next level – sci-fi made science now. And it marks the world debut of “X2: The Next Power”, a newly developed 8-bit indie game.

  • WHO: Music and show presented by the own exhibitors – Tethra64 and Coolaidhippy – live with Viberium, GINA, DazeGxd and surprise guests. Dance, cosplay contest, and more.
  • When: April 17and – Doors open at 6 p.m.the show starts at 8 p.m.
  • Or: La Fonderie, located at 29 E. Allen Street in philadelphia cream.
  • Why: For comic mischief, crazy lyrics, chronic music, technological marvels and gaming fun. Vaccination card or proof of negative COVID-19 test required for entry.

Tickets for the event are currently on sale through Ticketmaster. For the latest concert news or to find out more about the artists involved, follow Tethra64 and Coolaidhippy on social media: @coolaidhippy @tethra.64

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