Japan’s lower house lawmakers vote against cabinet no-confidence motion

Japan’s lower house lawmakers have rejected a no-confidence motion against Prime Minister Kishida Fumio’s Cabinet.

The vote on the motion put forward by the largest opposition party, the Constitutional Democratic Party, took place during a plenary session of the Lower House on Thursday.

Constitutional Democratic Party leader Izumi Kenta criticized the Cabinet. He said he had failed to take action against soaring prices that have dampened consumption and dealt a severe blow to Japan’s economy.

Acting Secretary General of the main ruling Liberal Democratic Party, Kamikawa Yoko, backed the Cabinet. She said expectations for Kishida’s decisiveness and capacity for action are growing as he has managed to adapt to changing conditions.
The motion was defeated by a majority vote of the ruling coalition and other parties. Prime Minister Kishida told reporters he had secured a mandate in the Diet and said he wanted to continue to fulfill his responsibilities.

The Democratic Constitutional Party also submitted a no-confidence motion against Lower House Speaker Hosoda Hiroyuki. He has come under fire for allegations of sexual harassment reported by a weekly magazine.

The opposition party also questioned his remarks which criticized a government-approved electoral reform plan.

The motion was also defeated by a majority.

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