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Tom duggan

For more than a year, the shifting winds of Japanese politics, healthy professionals and the International Olympic Committee have cast doubt on the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

Tom Duggan, as the main racing officer of the sailing competition, watched intently from the United States, and when the carry flag was lowered, Duggan led the charge to complete the racing program through the ten events.

In this report, Duggan looks back on the experience:

Eighteen mornings in Enoshima, I wake up, spit into a tube for testing and take my temperature tells me my average temperature in degrees Celsius is 36.3. Who says an American can’t understand Celsius (ok, I didn’t – the thermometer did for me).

But that’s not all I learned at Tokyo 2020.

I learned that determined individuals from all over the planet could be formed into a cohesive group capable of finding a way to keep a historic and inspiring event alive on a global scale, despite a pandemic resulting in a one-year delay – and deliver it safely.

This effort came in the face of both the honest risks of the pandemic and constant criticism from a media outlet (not Scuttlebutt) that seemed much more interested in clickbait revenue – “The Olympics will cause millions of deaths. , click here for more details and subscription information ”- than to provide a balanced truth.

I learned that the Japanese people could create an immigration and surveillance system that could protect both the Japanese people and the Olympic participants from damage during the event.

I have learned that the Japanese people, despite having received the worst hand possible, with COVID-19 appearing only a few months before the planned event, are tough enough, ingenious enough and smart enough to make the best choices. for Japan and the athletes.

More so, they achieved all possible success (and more than anyone could have predicted) with that lousy hand, making the XXXII Olympiad a shining example of what can be accomplished by people determined to succeed despite long odds.

My congratulations to all the athletes who stayed strong, kept morale up, continued to train under extremely difficult circumstances during the delay, and were ultimately able to fulfill their dreams of becoming Olympians.

Details Tokyo 2020 – Race Information – Results

The racing program has been staggered for the ten sailing events from July 25 to August 4.

Tokyo 2020 Olympic Sailing Program
Men’s single-seater sailing dinghy – ILCA 7
Women’s single-seater sailing dinghy – ILCA 6
Men’s two-seater sailing dinghy – 470
Women’s two-seater sailing dinghy – 470
Men’s single scull – 49er
Women’s single scull – 49erFx
Single-person heavy dinghy for men – Finn
Windsurfing for men – RS: X
Windsurfing for women – RS: X
Mixed Multihull – Nacra 17

Original dates: July 24 to August 9, 2020
Revised dates: July 23 to August 8, 2021

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