Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey plans to play more offensively with current President Joe Biden


Prosecuting the Trump administration had become routine for Attorney General Maura Healey for the past four years.

The day before President Biden’s inauguration, Healey’s office helped file nine lawsuits just to prevent Trump’s Environmental Protection Agency from taking last-minute action that it said would harm the government. environment.

But the Democrat and former basketball player said on Thursday she was eagerly awaiting a change of pace.

“I feel certain things. First of all, I can’t wait not to play so much in defense. I think as a player it’s always more fun to shoot and score points. I mean, you want to be on the attack and you want to be proactive, ”Healey said. Healey took to WGBH’s Boston Public Radio on Thursday for her monthly interview, when she also takes calls from listeners.

Healey said she had a meeting with her staff to make sure racial justice and fairness was “at the heart of everything we do” in 2021. This includes working on issues of hunger .

“One in five children who move to one in four children in the state will go to bed hungry tonight. This is unacceptable, ”she said. Healey said she has held meetings with the Greater Boston Food Bank and Project Bread to discuss how to reach people who may have become eligible for support due to the pandemic, and that she will have more to say on the subject in the “days and weeks” to come.

Healey also said his office will remain aggressive in tackling the spread of disinformation that contributed to the violence on the United States Capitol in early January.

She was outraged to learn in recent weeks how advertisements for paramilitary equipment were permitted on Facebook targeting groups “associated with part of the insurgency movement”.

“We will continue after Facebook, Google and certain platforms. We will work with them where we can, or we will work to hold them accountable, ”she said.

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