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First-ever display of “Magic Fiber” in ME to showcase the world’s most advanced nanofiber products and applications

Posted: Tue, Nov 30, 2021, 2:01 PM

Last update: Tue, Nov 30, 2021, 02:21 PM

Discover world-class cutting-edge Japanese technologies, products, services and culture at the upcoming “Planet Japan by M-TEchX” exhibition to be held at the Dubai Exhibition Center, at the Dubai Expo 2020 site from December 2-4 2021.

Organized under the theme of ‘The Next Generation of the Industrial Revolution’, the highlight of the event will be the showcase of ‘Magic Fiber – the world’s most advanced nanofiber created using proprietary manufacturing technology from M-TEchX.

A wide range of proprietary M-TEchX products developed using the world’s first nanofiber mass production technology, including oil absorbents, fibers, sound absorbing, insulating and agricultural materials, clothing, care medical products, defense products, etc. will be presented during this exclusive event. . M-TEchX is a Tokyo-based company specializing in various lines of business involving Japan’s most advanced technologies, including the world’s first nanofiber mass production system.

Partnering with more than 20 companies and organizations based in Japan and the United Arab Emirates, Planet Japan by M-TEchX will exclusively showcase Japan’s leading technology, renowned quality control and unparalleled service, and is expected to spark a new industrial revolution in the Middle East. East, led by M-TEchX’s own specialized product lines focused on nanotechnology.

Hiroyoshi Sota, CEO of M-TEchX, said: “Japan is a recognized advanced country and M-TEchX is playing a key role in the country’s world-famous technological development by developing groundbreaking nanotechnology-based innovations involving more than 100 applications and products.

Sota added, “Japan has so many cutting-edge technology, products, services and entertainment that it can seem like a whole other planet. In accordance with this image, we are calling our next exhibition “Planet Japan”.

Nanofibers are known as the “super material of the future” because of their special performance and the effects they can provide for a variety of products. While various countries around the world are carrying out nanofiber research and development at the national level, M-TEchX has already successfully mass-produced the world’s first nanofibers, using its unique technology. Magic Fiber has saved lives from natural disasters and environmental disasters.

According to Sota, M-TEchX, founded in 2015, has launched a program of global expansion, while delivering exceptional nanotechnology-based solutions to solve the problems facing the world.

“Our company’s mission is to create miracles by harnessing the enormous potential of technology to solve various challenges facing society. Nanofibers can solve tons of problems providing cost effective, safe and reliable solutions for a number of industries.

For example, the global regenerative medicine market size is expected to grow at a CAGR of 20.5% and reach $ 79.33 billion by 2026. The market is primarily driven by the increasing prevalence of chronic disease around the world , such as cancer and diabetes. Magic fiber is increasingly recognized as an essential material for regenerative medicine, as it can adapt to cells and turn into part of defective tissue. Our event will also showcase cutting-edge regenerative medicine technology and related products, ”Sota added.

Planet Japan by M-TEchX will highlight pioneering medical technology from M-TEchX partner companies, including a disinfectant spray that is not only effective against the coronavirus, but also very safe for human use. In addition, visitors to the exhibition will witness the introduction of the world’s first wireless headphones with AI noise canceling function to deliver exceptionally clear sound to the other party. Equipped with health monitoring function, the device is expected to be widely used in industrial applications.

The unique technological showcase of the event will include next-generation energy systems, world-class animation products, a number of hygiene products and supplements, devices that generate water from the air, cosmetics, supplements, portable devices, etc. display.

The entertainment area of ​​the exhibition will feature live performances from the famous Japanese magazine Takarazuka, an all-female musical theater company with a history of over 100 years. Delicious Japanese cuisine will also be offered in the exhibition dining area, while the various attractions of Kumamoto Prefecture as a department of the Japanese regional government will also be featured.

Speaking of the plans for the Middle East, Sota said, “We aim to create an industrial revolution in the Middle East through our unique nanofiber technology, its various products and applications and to reach the whole world with our technological innovation. As the UAE commemorates its 50th anniversary this year and, as the country, under his wise and visionary leadership, focuses on a knowledge-based economy fueled by the latest innovations and high-tech trends, M-TEchX and its partner companies are at the forefront of the UAE’s bold national ambitions and fully support the national cause. ”

Sota added, “I am proud to reveal that we will be opening nanotechnology-based factories in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, details of which will be shared very soon.

Visitors to the exhibition will have the opportunity to learn about BNP Investments, the collaborative partner that promotes nanofiber technology products from M-TEchX and other companies around the world. The well-diversified conglomerate is active in a variety of industries including finance, mining, aviation, construction and home appliances.

Recently, M-TEchX also entered into a joint partnership with Sheikha Mouza Investment and Consulting to explore business opportunities in the sectors of industry, agriculture, construction, information and communication technologies to United Arab Emirates and in the GCC.

A key product of M-TEchX is Magic Fiber, a patented and special nanofiber that uses nanotechnology. Able to absorb all kinds of oil from any oil surface in indoor and outdoor condition, Magic Fiber sheets are very safe for human use because the product does not contain substances, such as formaldehyde, arsenic, mercury or chromium, which are harmful to humans. Ultra-fine magic fiber has been shown to be of great benefit in environmental situations involving large-scale marine oil spills, etc.

The 3-day exhibition will also have “panel discussions” on “the global consumer market and e-commerce related to nanofiber products” on the first day and “sustainable energy related to magnetic generator and carbon credits. »On the last day of the show.

As the only Japan-focused event showcasing the latest nanotechnology innovations and trends in the UAE, Planet Japan by M-TEchX is free. The exhibition is open from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. (3 days) in Halls 1B and C North, Dubai Exhibition Center, Expo 2020 site.

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