Prime Minister of Tasmania – Tasmania appoints its first trade advisor to Japan


June 8, 2021

Guy Barnet,

Guy Barnett, Minister of Commerce,

The Tasmanian Liberal Government is in the process of developing and diversifying new and existing global markets and today we deliver with the appointment of the first-ever Tasmanian Trade Advocate based in Japan.

Mr. Joe Gayton has spent over 20 years living and working in Japan and his appointment is the strongest signal to date of the importance Tasmania places on its relationship with Japan and the opportunities we can share. in the future.

Japan is a priority market in Tasmania’s business strategy. In 2020, Tasmania’s merchandise exports to Japan amounted to $ 239 million per year, accounting for about 6.6% of our total merchandise exports and 22% of our total agricultural and fruit exports. sea.

We also see exciting opportunities in resources, education, the gateway to Antarctica and also green hydrogen, which is destined to be the renewable fuel of the future.

Tasmania values ​​its long history with Japan, which includes a rich trade and investment relationship, supported by strong cultural and people-to-people relationships.

Mr. Gayton has participated in an extensive tendering process and his success is a testament to his long experience and knowledge of trade and international relations in Japan.

Mr. Gayton is a permanent resident of Japan and is fluent in Japanese and English, and Tasmania should benefit from his knowledge, insight and extensive networks that include government and business relations across Japan.

Our international trade advocacy will be further strengthened over the coming months with the recent appointment of a dedicated US trade advocate for Tasmania and an upcoming one in Singapore.

The appointment of the new Tasmanian Trade Advisors is an important part of Tasmania’s 2019-2025 business strategy and a commitment made in the 2021 Annual Action Plan. These new roles will continue to support Tasmania’s ambition of increase its presence in the international market and build even more resilience through increased market diversification.

Today’s announcement follows recent ABS commodity figures which showed Tasmania’s agricultural value increased by 14.7% in 2019-20 from the previous year, at a time when the national growth was only 0.4%.

The Liberal government of Tasmania aims to increase the value of Tasmanian commercial production and develop further market diversification is part of this plan.

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