Queer | Art Announces Queer Fellows | Art | Mentorship 2022

Queer | Art has announced the twelve scholarship recipients accepted for the 2022 cycle of the Queer | Art | Mentoring program and the mentors they will work with:

Jose Abad with Mentor, Will Rawls (Performance)

JL Akagi with Mentor, Torrey Peters (Literature)

Frances Arpaia with Mentor, Angelo Madsen Minax (Movie)

Mariam Bazeed with Mentor, Morgan Bassichis (Performance)

Clarissa Brooks with Mentor, Saeed Jones (Literature)

Antonius-Tin Bui with Mentor, Lola Flash (Visual Art)

Kei Kaimana with Mentor, Alexis De Veaux (Literature)

Ute Petit with Mentor, Jeffrey Gibson (Visual Art)

Xoài Pham with Mentor, Tourmaline (Film)

Joie Lou Shakur with Mentor, Silas Howard (Movie)

Anh Vo with Mentor, Julie Tolentino (Performance)

Agustine Zegers with Mentor, Constantina Zavitsanos (Visual Art)

Now in its 11th year, the organization’s renowned Creative and Professional Development program is expanding nationwide for the first time, supporting both remote and in-person participation among early-career LGBTQ + artists. and established across the country. By expanding nationwide, Queer | Art | Mentorship bridges the professional and social thresholds that often isolate artists by generation, discipline, and region. The 2022 cohort is made up of mentors and fellows participating in ten states: California, Connecticut, Georgia, Louisiana, Michigan, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Vermont, and Virginia.

The program supports a one-year exchange between emerging and established LGBTQ + artists in four distinct fields: film, literature, performance and the visual arts. Fellows apply with a specific project they would like to work on during the program and meet with their mentors on a monthly basis to discuss their progress in preparing for that event. Fellows also meet monthly as a group to learn from each other and support each other throughout the year.

Over the past decade, Queer | Art | Mentorship has nurtured the creative and professional development of over 179 artists and propelled the careers of a new generation of creators. Program alumni include: Camilo Godoy, Ryan J. Haddad, Saeed Jones, Jeanne Vaccaro, Geo Wyeth, April Freely, Tourmaline, Sasha Wortzel, Jess barbagallo, Morgan Bassichis, Monstah Black, Yve Laris Cohen, Troy Michie, Angelo Madsen Minax, Tommy Pico, Justin sayre, Eva Reign, Jacolby Satterwhite, Guadalupe Rosales and Hugh Ryan, among others.

Details on the projects each fellow will be working on are provided below.

About the Queer | Art | Mentorship Fellows 2020-2021 and their projects


Frances Arpaia (Brooklyn, NY) is a queer trans woman who makes films that explore everything from queer life in Brooklyn and the struggles of community and connection, to experimental performances and video art shitposts. Arpaia will work with mentor, Angelo Madsen Minax (Brooklyn, NY) on an experimental documentary that examines the Sapphic gaze between the Statue of Liberty and the Statue of Minerva in Brooklyn’s Greenwood Cemetery, which was specifically placed there to face to freedom in an eternal desire. .

Xoài Pham (Brooklyn, NY) is a Vietnamese trans woman with a long heritage of warriors, healers and shamans whose lifelong job is to dream of new futures where we are all limitless. Pham will work with Mentor, Tourmaline (Brooklyn, NY) on a series juxtaposing the complex and tangled relationships between trans immigrant women in New York City and the relationship they share with the criminal justice system.

Joie Lou Shakur (Durham, NC) is a Southern storyteller, drug maker, village organizer, and founding director of House of Pentacles, a film scholarship program and production house focused on cultural organization and narrative power led by and for black trans and gender. Non-compliant people. Shakur will work with Mentor, Silas Howard (Los Angeles, CA) on an experimental short that offers a glimpse into the shadowy world of young black transsexuals living with the trauma of parental abandonment, and the romantic bonds it takes. to heal and come home to ourselves.


JL Akagi (Brooklyn, NY) is a Japanese-American writer who blends elements of Japanese folklore and narrative structures in Western genres. Akagi will work with Mentor, Torrey Peters (New York / Vermont) on a speculative short story that explores the fetishization and appropriation of Asian bodies in late stage capitalism.

Clarissa Brooks (Atlanta, GA) is a writer, journalist and cultural worker using a black queer feminist lens to address her cultural critique and investigative reporting on topics such as hip-hop, black political power and various conditions cruel black women and girls survive every day. Brooks will work with mentor, Saeed Jones (Columbus, OH) on an investigative report into sexual violence at historically black colleges and universities (HBCU).

Kei Kaimana (Ann Arbor, MI) is a disabled non-binary trans writer, freelance scholar, and artist of Kanaka Maoli and black origin. Kaimana will work with Mentor, Alexis De Veaux (New Orleans, LA) on a visionary piece of fiction that asks the reader to imagine simultaneous realities where mothering is multidimensional, gods can be oblivious, and computers conspire with ghosts.


jose esteban abad (San Francisco, California) is a Filipino Afro-Caribbean choreographer, DJ and curator whose work focuses on collective experimental practices based on the processes of becoming and memory. abad will work with mentor Will Rawls (New York, NY) on a multimedia performance exploring the scope and future of black life in the diaspora, rooted in the radical Black tradition of experimentation, improvisation, collaboration and of intergenerational wisdom circles.

Mariam Bazeed (Brooklyn, NY) is an Egyptian immigrant, stage performer, actress, cook, and writer of prose, poetry, plays, and pantry. Bazeed will work with Mentor, Morgan Bassichis (Brooklyn, NY) on a solo cabaret of British standard melodies, sponsored by latest generation capitalist algorithms, with lyrics rewritten to reflect the everyday realities of Gulf Labor dystopia.

Anh Vo (Brooklyn, NY) is a Vietnamese dancer, writer, teacher, and activist. creation of works on pornography and queer relationships, being and form, identity and abstraction, and history and its colonial reality. Vo will work with mentor, Julie Tolentino (Joshua Tree, CA) on a color duology combining Vietnamese red music and yellow music to invoke the ideological death of communism and the death of the artist’s grandfather, the only Communist in their country. family.

Visual art

Antonius-Tin Bui (New Haven, CT) is a non-binary shapeshifter in identity and artistic practice, using hand-cut paper-cut, performances, flexible sculptures, and community engagement to visualize hybrid identities and stories who face the troubling present. Bui will work with Mentor, Lola Flash (New York, NY) to visually explore American futurism in the Asian Pacific Islands through photography, speculation and interviews.

Ut? ”Petit (New Orleans, LA) is an artist, transit, geography, and plant nerd who works as part of their family’s ancestral roles as quilters and farmers. will work with mentor Jeffrey Gibson (Hudson, NY) to manage the lot where his great-grandmother’s house flew up during Hurricane Katrina, transforming it into an African-native edible landscape, sculpture, playground of games and an energy park.

agustine zegers (Richmond, VA) is a Chilean artist, writer and bacterial community whose work uses text, smell, and ritual to understand and commune with ecological collapse flows and to question the pervasive systems that hold them back. produce. Zegers will work with Mentor, Constantina Zavitsanos (Brooklyn, NY) on a series of scent artwork, creating wearable scents that respond to ecological disaster scenarios.

For more information on Queer | Art | Mentorship and our new cohort of Fellows and Mentors, please visit our website at: www.queer-art.org/mentorship.

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