See Japanese Breakfast Performing “Jubilee” Songs on “CBS This Morning”


Japanese Breakfast, the musical project of singer / songwriter Michelle Zauner, performed three songs from their recently released album Jubilee for CBS this morningthe last Saturday sessions.

Zauner and his company delivered Jubilee’s debut single “Be Sweet”, “Kokomo, IN” and “Tactics” from Japanese Breakfast’s third studio LP, which Zauner said. Rolling stone in a new interview “it seems to me to be a summer album”.

“I knew I wanted my third album to be the most dramatic and strongest forward – every muscle flexing and using every tool you have in the toolbox,” Zauner said. “Because by the third album you should really know who you are and what you want to do as an artist. And I really wanted to give my all for it.

Jubilee follows that of 2017 Sweet sounds from another planet and soon after the release of Zauner’s literary debut Crying at the H Mart, Zauner’s memoirs of his late mother and the Korean food they bonded with. however, Jubilee has a happier sound than the first two Japanese Breakfast albums, as evidenced by “Be Sweet”.

“I was really scared that everyone would get mad at me and think that I was, like, going completely pop, but I think a lot of people really liked that,” Zauner said. Rolling stone.

“Even our fans are like, ‘She always does this thing where she releases a song and it doesn’t sound like the rest of the album.’ I think I built a little more confidence. ‘Be Sweet’ is obviously our most pop song. It’s like the most radio ready of the songs I’ve released. There really is a chorus, but I think the rest of the songs are really wacky and weird.

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