South Korean presidential candidate considers economic security with Japan

An official from the camp of the opposition candidate Yoon Seok-youl in the presidential election of March 2022 in South Korea revealed a policy of positioning economic security as a new theme of cooperation between South Korea and Japan and between the two East Asian neighbors plus the United States.

Yoon, the former South Korean attorney general, who ran for the main conservative opposition party, the People Power Party, wants to improve relations with Japan and strengthen Seoul-Tokyo and Seoul cooperation. Tokyo-Washington.

His position contrasts sharply with that of Lee Jae-myung, the ruling Democratic Party of Korea’s presidential candidate, who recently made comments questioning South Korea’s ability to trust Japan as a as partner country.

Cooperation with the United States is more important than with China when it comes to advanced technologies, the Yoon camp official told reporters at the end of last month, adding that the United States is giving a big deal. importance to the creation of a new semiconductor supply chain between Taiwan, South Korea and Japan. .

It is possible to form a cooperative framework that uses South Korea’s strength in semiconductors and batteries, and Japan’s prowess in technologies and materials, the official said.

The official said China tends not to take Seoul seriously if the three-way security cooperation between South Korea, the United States and Japan is not functioning properly.

Unless South Korea and Japan improve their degraded diplomatic relations, it will be difficult for Seoul’s strategies related to China to function effectively, the official said.

If Seoul and Tokyo continue not to take a flexible approach, it will not be easy for them to improve their relations, the official said, noting that the Japanese side must also show a positive attitude.

Yoon saw his public support rate soar and far exceed that of Lee just after being nominated for the People Power Party on November 5 for the presidential race. Its support has since stagnated, however, with recent polls indicating a close race.

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