TakaHisa by Aimi Shibuya elevates the Japanese dining experience – News

Over the years and among various ever-growing industries and sectors, no one can deny the incredible rise of the food and beverage and restaurant industry around the world. Have you ever wondered what could have propelled this industry to exponential levels of success on a consistent basis. Well, there can be so many different reasons, one of them is the “uniqueness” that a few restaurant brands and outlets offer people, either by showcasing their culture, country, or simply the versatility of their foods. Making people crave for Japanese cuisine in Dubai, UAE is one such outstanding restaurant called TakaHisa, which is the vision of Aimi Shibuya – a Japanese female entrepreneur, and also the vision of two great chefs – Chef Takashi Namekata and Chief Hisao Ueda. The restaurant name TakaHisa is an amalgamation of their names. It exudes their pure passion for delivering greatness in every bite, delivering the best authentic sushi and wagyu beef in the world.

Very few restaurants have lived up to their promise of serving delicious Japanese cuisines in Dubai, which is home to many such restaurants, which is commendable to say the least. TakaHisa has experienced immense growth and growth, thanks to a relaxing and elegant decor, offering the best wagyu beef and sushi that can be found in Dubai. Its elegant decoration styles provide foodies and customers with a luxurious Japanese dining experience.

There are several amazing things about TakaHisa that can upset foodies and customers alike a la carte special request can be accommodated which is not listed on the menu but will require advance notice. They are available in a total of 10 languages, English, Japanese, Arabic, Russian, Chinese, Indian, French, Tagalog, Korean and Burmese. Additionally, their two executive chefs, two sous chefs, general managers, managers, sommeliers, etc., are all Japanese, providing people with authentic Japanese service. Apart from that, they have the famous world-class shisha which was introduced in the Burj Al Arab hotel, where people can enjoy and relax on the terrace seats. In just one month of opening, many famous celebrities and athletes from around the world have visited the restaurant.

Talking about the food that TakaHisa offers, one can go on and on about their appetizing and tasty menu which boasts of the best and finest seafood and Kobe beef. The Master Chefs offer a special Omakase course that offers people the best Japanese culinary masterpiece in the Middle East. What makes TakaHisa even more unique in the industry is that it offers premium seafood sourced from Toyosu market and “A5 Kobe beef” (marbled beef score 12), which is the brand of highest quality wagyu in the world.

Located at Caesars Palace Dubai, TakaHisa truly elevates people’s dining experience with its rich Japanese cuisine. To learn more, visit his website, https://www.takahisa.ae/.

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