YouTubers Logan Paul and Sam Pepper appear to be lassoing women on video


An old video showing YouTube personality Logan Paul lassoing unsuspecting women in Los Angeles resurfaced a day before the social media influencer was due to face former boxing world champion Floyd Mayweather in the ring.

The video, first posted in 2014 and made private since, appears to show Paul and former YouTuber Sam Pepper using a rope to lasso women in Santa Monica. It was shared on Saturday via Twitter by an account called MeTube, which describes itself as the “YouTube #MeToo Untold Stories”.

“We do something where we pick up women with lassos,” Paul says to a woman, who appears to be smiling and laughing.

Paul later tells a blonde woman that he won’t let her go until she kisses him. She obliges and the two lock their lips for several seconds.

Other people in the video seemed less amused by Paul and Pepper’s advances. A woman hits and kicks Paul while Pepper is attacked by several men who are trying to protect a woman in their group.

Neither Paul nor Pepper immediately responded to requests for comment.

Pepper, a former “Big Brother” competitor from England, was later accused of rape by several women in the same year the lassoing video was published, Buzzfeed reported in 2014. Pepper has denied the allegations and has never been charged. He quit posting on YouTube in 2017 and has since made a professional comeback on TikTok.

Paul, a YouTube star with nearly 23 million subscribers, began his career on the now-defunct six-second video app Vine, and after Vine was shut down he moved to YouTube, where he continued to develop. its audience. Recently, Paul has started to focus on a boxing career.

Last year, Paul was sued by a production company which claimed that a 2017 video he posted of a corpse in a Japanese “suicide forest” caused him to lose a multi-million license agreement. dollars with Google.

The now infamous video shows Paul and a group of friends visiting Aokigahara at the foot of Mount Fuji, nicknamed the “Suicide Forest” because of the large number of people who go there to end their lives there. . The video has been viewed 6 million times in one day and shows the body of a man who appears to have committed suicide. Paul then apologized in a video posted to social media and said he would work to “do better.”

Suzanne Ciechalski contributed.

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